On 21st-23rd   of November in Tirana-Albania, ARNO was part of the seminar “Advocacy and Lobbing”, organized as part of the Project “GEAR”, supported by the European Union.

“It was a wonderful seminar, were I got to learn a lot more about the art of Advocacy and Lobbing. We focused on the differences in these two similar terms and how to implement them in everyday life. All of the participants were representatives of organizations working in the area of ecological improvement. We all made eco projects were we practiced advocacy and lobbing, we all had a great time working together, and you can definitely expect us to work together in the near future. After all we were all highly ambitious individuals who believe the future is green” – Said, Anjeza Gorenca/Sadiku- representative of ARNO.

ARNO was invited to the seminar by the NGO “Eko-Svest” and is expected to continue with its participation by joining the future trainings in the quarters of this project.