On 03.11.2017, “Lazar Tanev” secondary professional school was held the “Coolinari AFTERWORK” event as a result of the USAID Youth Participation Award in the framework of the Citizen Participation Project, which was hosted by our chef Antonio Gjorgjievski.


A part of the funds received from the award, our chef Antonio held a seminar for the high school students – the young chefs learned how to prepare new recipes and tactics needed to make specialties of traditional cuisine from our professional chef Mare Janevska.


Following the training held by Mare Janevska, a group of food preparations was attended, which was later tested by the guests who visited the event.

Lyra Special Dinner Party with Chef Antonio Gjorgjievski

On September 7, 2017, Lyra restaurant and Coolinari organized a dinner with seafood specialties. Our chef Antonio Gjorgjievski prepared special sea food specialties for special guests at the Lyra restaurant . His assistants were chef: Simona Ilkovska, Daniela Lazarevska, Kuzman Aceski and Emilija Simeska.

Together they prepared a lavish menu, which at the end of the day was served with a big applause.


Special dinner party menu:

Cold plate: Exotic salad

Hot Parade – Stuffed Squid

Main Course – Octopod

Dessert- Fruit Mousse