Part of the team of Coolinari, Chef Antonio Gjorgjievski and Irina Janevska, on the 1st of April, enjoyed the large number of desserts prepared by the masters of the restaurant together with guests from abroad master Chef Francisco Ariola and Sokol Prenga.

The home and guests bosses together prepared various delicacies including lemon tart, biscuits with citron and cocoa, various varieties of small chocolates, cake with apple, tiramisu, panakota with forest fruits and crunchy pasta, pungent chocolate with 80% cocoa and ginger cream and orange imago other flavors served in a unique way unusual for the Macedonian cuisine and prepared according to the most modern culinary techniques. In front of a large number of journalists, friends of the restaurant and experts from this area, the Fort Restaurant presented its delicacies, among which there were sweets that could for the first time be tried in Macedonia.


The team of cooks had the honor to meet “culprits” for this sweet enjoyment, to talk and make a photo of the memorial.