Philanthropy through Green Ideas * is an annual competition that supports the development of small, local and sustainable business ideas in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. * The term “green ideas” means ideas that help the environment, ideas that make use of resources from the local community and contribute to sustainable development (integration of local, economic, and social community needs and priorities).

ARNO has been running the National Green Ideas Competition since 2015 and is proud of the winning ideas of the regional contest:

2015: Nasha Dobra Zemja (Our healthy Community) – The First Organic Consumers Cooperative (Support to Small Producers of Mineral Producers in Macedonia)

2016: Marta Mojsova (Eco-Resuscitation)

2017: Jane Zaevski (Hrana za Site-Food for All) and Kristian Shopov (Eco-Illusion)


On June 29th, 2017, at the Journalists’ Club in Skopje, was held the contest “Philanthropy through Green Ideas”, where three best ideas for green business were announced for 2017: Software Solution and Food Delivery Solution “Jane Zevski”, the launch of an illusionist business for the promotion of ecology and the support of marginalized people – “Kristian Shopov”, the production of substrates for the organic production of plants and mushrooms – “MaMa Organa” (Natalia Burgieva).

The three winners of this year’s competition received an award-winning voucher for consulting services provided by the certified Management and Consultation Association “MKA 2000”.

In the final, besides the winners,  these green ideas were included: 15m3 Organic Waste Digester (Petar Matovski, “BIVIUM” Association), Forestry Gardening (Avatara Gradinka) (Anela Stavrevska Panajotova), Stevia Reabudiana Bertoni Breeding (Aco Zdravevski) , Green Key for Safe Childhood (Sashko Todorov, “Association of Citizens EKVITA”), Lavender Immortele Macedonia (Lubomir Stojanovski, “IZ farma valley”), TravelIDG (Ana Ristevska), Green Community (Dukagjin Turkeshi, Dritan Leshi; 1 $ from Dibra), Make Skopje Green again (Marina Karatrajkova, Aleksandar Popovski) and the Modified House EKO (Еко модуларна куќа) (Vele Nelkovski, BN thermo house Skopje).


We came with 2 awards from

Regional competition

Two green busnisses from Macedonian won awards at the regional competition “Philanthropy through green ideas” held in late July 2017 in Kolašin, Montenegro .In the forum, that was  held for the sixth year in a row, 18 green business ideas are presented from 6 Balkan countries – Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina-  from this year.

In addition to the winning ideas from Macedonia, “Food for All” and “Eco Illusions”, the ideas from Montenegro “Camp under Ostrog” and the idea from Kosovo “Academic Platform” were rewarded. The four ideas received financial support of $ 10,000.

ARNO organizes the competition in Macedonia for the third year in a row.


“We are happy to see the results of the invested energy, this year we came home with 2 awards.

There, Christian “enchanted” the international jury with his idea of entertainment and eco-education through illusion, while Jane convinced experts that young people and new technologies have the answers to the challenges and problems we have all around us. Prices will show not only to the bearers of ideas but also to the society, because apart from the environmental and business components, they also have philanthropy and benefit to the communities. ”

– said Irina Janevska, President of ARNO.