ON THE 8th OF JUNE, 2017, In Suli An,

On June 8th, 2017, at the Suli An, Skopje Old Bazaar, was held the event for the award of the USAID’s Youth Participation Award.

The Young Participation Prize was given recognition to young people, men, women and informal groups of young people who have shown particular creativity or innovation and have achieved real results in improving the community or society.

The USAID Citizen Participation Project has won 3 awards, 2 in the category of young people and 1 in the category of informal youth group.

One of the rewards for youth participation ended in the hands of Antonio Georgievski – our coordinator of the project “Coolinari”.


The 1,500$ prize was used by Antonio to attend an English language course to buy professional equipment, and to build culinary and activist skills of other school cooks pupils.


We are proud of Antonio, but also for students who for this occasion – for the award of the prize independently prepare delicious and creative food.

The Coolinari 2.0 project, is a project of the Organisation for Social Innovation “ARNO”, which aims to promote social entrepreneurship and to emphasize the importance of vocational education and training for reducing youth unemployment in Macedonia.

IN 2016

With the money earned from the “Social Impact Avalard” prize, she organized “Clockwork”. Cooking hours were visited by customers who bought coupons to learn how to cook different recipes from professional cooks.1

In the next stage, the funds from the cooking classes were reinvested in cooking students through training sessions, motivational meetings with professional chefs, and so on.

In 2017- The upcoming chefs met with Petar Shokarovski (a modern programmer and cook who was known for his blogs), from whom they learned and how to do food bloggs. Young chefs also attended a seminar to learn how to write a  short biography and took professional CV photographs made by Darko Moravitov to find work more easily.