On the 2nd of September 2019, representatives from Organization for Social Innovation “ARNO, held a follow up activity following the youth exchange “Never Again!” held in Karlovo, Bulgaria in July 2019. A group of 5 young people organized an outdoor activity in the city center for raising awareness on the holocaust history and lessons.

Inspired from the training methods and reconnection with the emotional load from this historical injustice (the feelings of the Jews and others who experienced the Holocaust), ARNO’s team decided   to share some of those thoughts and feelings with citizens and young people from Skopje, through a creative approach and Interaction. Thus, for this activity the group used the awarded postcard design from the “International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019 Contest”. The awarded design features 3 suitcases and a tittle; “Suitcase full of memories- the holocaust never to be forgotten”. The activity was centered on asking people “If you have 30min to leave your home and go to an unknown place and you could bring only 5 things with you, what would you bring? “

According to the group leader Anjeza Sadiku Gorenca, the questions sparkled a lot of interest among the pass byres, and opened discussions about the entire tragedy that happened in the not so distant past. “It was a very sunny and positive day, 2nd of September, the day students start going to school. We went in public and asked some questions that shocked people, they didn’t think a lot, in their first answer they said they will take the essentials like their phone, passport, toothbrush, health insurance, money etc. After they answered the question we explained that this was an entry question, a reminder to this dark lesson, reminder that this happened in our country, people packing and going in one-way direction witch they would never get back from, and then their reaction changed. Some people shared their stories of seeing their friends and neighbors going, young people said they learned about it in school. Either way I could tell that every single one of them would remember the topic further.”

The entire activity lasted about 2 hours with approximately 30 people answering the questions and discussing with the group on the lessons from the holocaust. The printed postcards were filled in with messages of the pass byres, regretting staying silent in the face of injustice or remembering what has happened and can never happen again!