On the 19th of October 2019, ARNO was the organization chosen from the young entrepreneur Antonija Lokvenec, for organizing a fund raising event. The event was organized by Antonija Lokvenec in collaboration with Konekt and #донирајпаметно and was held in Markt Kitchen. The event lasted from 12:30h until 15h and had great interest in the public eye. During the event different bloggers made ARNO snacks and smoothies, the profit from these dishes was donated to ARNO-s project Coolinari. The profit will be used to equip the young chefs from Coolinari with new accustomed uniforms.

ARNO designed the project upon inspiration the job demand of chefs vs the poor reputation of the gastronomy students in our society (Jamie Oliver and his “Fifteen” too). The project is the first in the country to promote social entrepreneurship and to innovatively reduce youth unemployment. The project promotes Social Entrepreneurship through the use of IT for building sustainable youth communities. The project promotes the culinary profession and serves like database for employers: youth recipes, youth chefs with CVs get exposure to the labor market.

To help support the young chefs you can visit Markt Kitchen and buy the ARNO snack or the ARNO smoothie, the profit from your purchase will be used for the Coolinari project. These dishes are available from 19.10.2019 until 19.11.2019.