The Coolinari team was pleased to enjoy the food prepared during the first Thessaloniki Food Festival, held in CITY HALL, in Thessaloniki (Greece) from 29-30 April 2017.

This event was marked with a huge presence of food lovers, both from the country organizer of the event and from the countries of the region. The team of culinary experts went on a mission, in addition to tasting delicious snacks, to see how the Food Trucks looks. Through the food truck coolinari aims to promote social entrepreneurship and vocational education.


In 2017, ARNO was selected for one of the twelve organizations supported by the project “Fostering Social Entrepreneurship” implemented by EPTISA, in cooperation with the IPA-funded Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The project consisted of two components. The first component concerned the direct support of selected social enterprises that should be an example of human solidarity and social justice, while the latter focused on creating legislation and financial instruments that would provide support to organizations, and enable them to maintain sustainability and sustainability.

Within this project, ARNO has received expert support in developing a business and marketing plan as well as mock up designs by an experienced graphic designer for the idea of ​​a Food Truck.

Within the promotion, ARNO was also promoted on the national Macedonian television with a short video clip in which Irina Janevska talks about the Food Truck.

Thanks to the EPTISA team, especially to Barbara Sadowska!